Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine (+ tips to stick to it!)

I am NOT a morning person.

I have never been a morning person. NEVER. If I could ignore the world past noon everyday, I would. Can’t do that when you have a little human to take care of. Starting a morning routine has helped me come to love mornings a lot more than I used to. Especially since it is one of the only times I have to myself between the time my husband goes to work and my son wakes up.

Here’s what my morning looks like:

  • Wake up.
  • Go to the bathroom & brush teeth.
  • Start coffee & grab a snack.
  • Bullet journal.
  • Tidy any messes from the day before.
  • Relax until it’s mommin’ time (which isn’t very long).

Now not every morning looks exactly like that. Sometimes I switch some of those around. Sometimes I skip one. I am not a person that is really good with habits, but I try and that’s the best that I can do. I have a couple tips that help me stick to the routine.


My Tips to a Productive Morning Routine:

1. Be flexible!

I don’t have a specific time I wake up, but it’s usually sometime between 7am – 8am. From my experience, when I tried to make a routine with set times (like I’ll wake up at 7:30am, make the bed at 7:45am…) I would never follow it. Although it’s always better to get your body in the rhythm of at least waking up around the same time everyday.

2. Keep it simple.

Don’t mess with every tiny detail. It’s a lot easier to stick to a routine that is simple. When making yours, try sticking to 5-6 main tasks. You can add the extras whenever.

3. Listen to music.

Make a playlist or turn on the radio. Music always helps me get through the morning. Make sure it’s music that will make you feel productive. Sad songs just won’t do it for me.

4. Plan your day!

Every morning, I bullet journal. I check for all the appointments, tasks, and meals that I have for the day ahead of me. If you have nothing planned for the day, make a list of things you need to get done.

5. Eat Breakfast.

While tracking my habits and moods, I have noticed I am more likely to have a better day when I eat breakfast. Not everyday will I cook eggs, bacon, and toast. I don’t have the motivation to do that every single day. Do I count an apple as breakfast? Absolutely. I also try to stay hydrated. I will grab a bottle of water and drink it as I make my morning coffee. 

6. Declutter.

A clean space is a clean mind. If you declutter a space in your home (which for me is usually my nightstand), it might just make you feel like you’ve got your stuff together. Or at least for me it does.


2 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine (+ tips to stick to it!)

  1. Appreciate this! I’m starting to try to get into some good routines, specifically for cleaning lately, but I think starting your morning off with a routine helps start the day on the right foot.

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