Wisor Photography: A Review

Wisor Photography is a local photography business based out of DuBois, Pennsylvania owned by Victoria and Andrew Wisor. They are such wonderful and down to Earth people who are super easy to work with. I am so thankful I decided on them for my photographers for my wedding. Their work is stunning and they helped me so much during the wedding planning process. 

Photo by Wisor Photography

Why did we chose them?

To start off, their previous work. I looked around online at tons of different photography businesses in the area and reached out to only a few that really caught my eye. I sat for hours looking through their previous wedding galleries on their SmugMug. They were the only company I kept going back to see their photos. I LOVED their work and just had to reach out.

The second part would be the price. Wisor Photography’s prices are affordable and were within my budget. I knew that the photographers were going to be the biggest part of my budget because the photos will last forever. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to afford a photographer because I didn’t have the biggest budget and seeing other people talking about wedding photographers in their area on Facebook groups, I was terrified. (I remember seeing one woman said she was spending upwards of $4,500 on hers.)

Before the Wedding:

We met once to sign contracts and make a down payment, then once again a couple weeks before the wedding to go over day-of plans. In between, we communicated over Facebook and Email to figure out what was needed.

While going through the contract, they were very clear on what they expected from us and how they run their business. They were super professional about things, but also laid back and comfortable to talk to.

The time in between our meetings Victoria had sent me a few things to fill out and send back to her so that she could help our day go a little more smoothly. Now me being the most disorganized-organized bride ever, I filled out the papers to not send them out. Facepalm, I know. I brought them with me for the meeting a few weeks before the wedding and they were cool with it. (I DO NOT recommend doing that though, because not only is that procrastinating on your end, it ends up making them cram in the planning as well. Sorry, Victoria and Andrew.) 

During that meeting, we discussed our day-of timeline, like when they were going to show up, what time the ceremony was scheduled to start, what time we were doing sunset pictures.. Stuff of that sort. We also discussed things we most wanted photographed and what was most important to us so they wouldn’t leave anything out. For us, it was the sunset photos, which they totally rocked by the way.

The Day of the Wedding:

Oh my goodness, the day of the wedding… Let me just tell you know, if it wasn’t for Victoria taking control and directing people what to do, it would have been a disaster. She helped keep us on schedule. TOTAL LIFESAVER. She stuck to the timeline we came up with and she did not let it pass a minute without warning me of our next planned event of the night.

The best part of it all was that, you couldn’t even tell they were there. They were not intrusive at all. They laid low unless they needed to take charge, like during the formal photos or bridal party photos. Their intern was just as awesome as well.

Photo by Wisor Photography

The Photos:

The photos we have received so far has been absolutely stunning. Words can’t even describe how happy I am to look at them. They bring me back to the best day of my life. I get to relive that day every time I see another picture. Check out a few below!


Wisor Photography is a great choice for your wedding photographer. They are affordable, professional, easy to work with, and ultimately their work is amazing. They are a wonderful couple and I plan on recommending them to everyone asking for a photographer.

Disclaimer: This review is posted from my own honest opinion. 

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