Author: Victoria Bush

An Open Letter to my Son

Dear Baby Bear,

I love you so much more than words can explain. You taught me how to love in more ways that I ever expected to. You’re growing so fast. It amazes me how well you are learning things. Just a year ago, you were this tiny little thing and now you’re calling my name and telling me you love me.

I can’t wait to watch you grow into a handsome young man. I don’t ever want you to lose this innocence you have, even though you can be quite the demon at times. I love you even when you pull my hair or rip my glasses off my face. I love you even more when you give me hugs and what you think are kisses – but really dude, close your mouth when you try giving kisses. You’re the smallest cuddle bear ever and such a mama’s boy. I hope it stays that way.

I might be biased, but you’re the cutest boy ever. You’re going to be a huge heartbreaker when you grow up. I hope you are respectful towards women and I will make sure to raise you to do so. If you’re going to be anything like your dad, you will be a great man someday. Remember not to tell someone you love them unless you mean it and never rush into anything.

Don’t let people take advantage of you. I want you to know your worth and use that. Don’t let anyone push you around, but stay respectful and friendly to everyone. Please remember that not everyone is your friend. I will be proud of you for everything you do.

I believe that one day you can be anything you’ll want to be. I am trying my best to give you the best life possible. I am going back to school, buddy. I hope to be a counselor by the time you reach elementary school. One day, your mom and dad are going to be able to support you more than we ever thought possible.

I want you to stay humble. No matter what you have, appreciate it. You are loved and you have the best family to support you. I hope that you grow to understand that. I know a lot of kids and teenagers resent their parents and families because that’s just what they do. I expect it, but I want you to know, I understand.

No matter how big you grow, you will always be my baby bear.  You will never be too big to be my baby. I will forever be your number one supporter. From your very first smile to your first steps, I was here and I plan to continue the whole way through your life. I love you more than life itself. I am sorry if I am not the best role model for you, but I honestly try.


– Mama

Going Back to School as a Stay at Home Mom

I recently registered for classes through SNHU online to start my college experience. I will be going for my Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in mental health. I never thought I would be going to college, but I feel like I finally found my calling.

Going back to school as a stay at home mom is not something I was planning. I didn’t think that college was a thing I would even be able to commit to. Now here I am. I am going into school as a freshman, a mom of a one year old, and a newlywed. I am definitely committed to pursuing my degree. At this point, I am absolutely ready to get to where I need to go.

A big part of me does wish I would have started school back in 2016 after I graduated. Maybe I would have had my Bachelors already and I would have been on the road to my Masters by now. I wouldn’t change anything about my choices though. Every choice I have ever made has brought me to where I am at today. If I would have started college back in 2016, I don’t think I would have had my son.

Being a mother has always been my biggest dream and now that I am a mom, I think its time for me to start my next journey. I decided to go back to school to support my family. Neither of my parents graduated college. My mother didn’t even graduate high school. I want to create a new path for my family.

Now I am going to be taking online classes at home while I am raising my son and my husband works. I almost can’t believe it.

Why did I chose my degree?

I chose the psychology degree because psychology really interests me. I think I am going to take this degree and further it to become something related to helping others with their problems. I would love to one day be a mental health counselor.

My concentration is in mental health. I struggle with bipolar disorder and anxiety, so I feel that pursuing a degree I am most passionate about and the most related to me would be an amazing start to figuring out where I would like to go in life. 

I have always been fascinated by mental health and psychology. I am setting goals for myself now because I have never seen my future self being successful before this moment. As long as I am pushing myself towards completing school, I am successful. 


I had a few options when choosing the right school for me. Purdue Global and SNHU were my first two choices out of the few schools I was looking into. The reason I chose SNHU over Purdue Global was ultimately the cost. Little things like the interaction with other students and the consistency of the schools were other things that did weigh is, but didn’t matter as much as the cost.  

I don’t start for a little over two weeks and this school has already been amazing to me. I have joined Facebook groups for online students at SNHU. I have made a few friends through SNHUconnect. My advisor has been extremely helpful and I am just 100% ready to start my classes already.

Thinking about going back to school as a stay at home mom?

Here are a few things to think about:

Do you have the time?

I know as well as the next mom, being a stay at home mom is a full time job with overtime and not enough pay. Although it is definitely priceless. Before going back to school, think if you’d have the time to do school. I don’t think I could have started school when my son was a month old, but now that he is 13 months, I am feeling a lot more comfortable with our schedule. 

Do you have the resources?

These resources I am talking about range from financial resources to physical requirements to start. For myself, I will be receiving financial aid. I am receiving the Pell Grant and some subsidized loans. I need to have a laptop or tablet to get my schoolwork done. I am currently using my HP Pavilion and I plan to use it for school as well. I have my Galaxy Tab as a back up too.

Do you have the support?

Starting school is a big step for not only you, but those around you as well. There may be some days you will need to ask others for help with the kids. Some days you may need someone to vent to, especially if you are going for your degree online like I am. I have done online school in high school and it became awfully lonely. Have a support system through your journey.

Are you ready for the commitment?

Like having a baby, college is a big commitment. It’s not easy for everyone, nor is it cheap. You must commit to it and push yourself to getting it done. Online college will take a lot of self motivation. You’re going to have a little more leniency than what you remember from high school, so it might be a little easier for you to slack off and get lazy about it.

Good Luck!

12 Month Old’s Daily Schedule

Before my son turned one, I didn’t really care about bedtimes or naps. He’ll sleep when he’s tired, right? Every night was a struggle. He’d never want to sleep. Most nights he wouldn’t get to bed until midnight. I finally said enough. I set a bedtime. I make sure he doesn’t take a nap within three hours of that bedtime and now we are both getting a lot more sleep.

After doing some studying, I found out that 12 month olds should be getting between 13-15 hours of sleep every day. split between bedtime and naps. I also found out that they should nap about 3 – 3.5 hours after wake up and naps. 

Now this is just a rough estimate of times that we do everything. I would give or take a half hour for each time depending on when he wakes up or gets to sleep the night before. Most of it is repetitive, like meals and playtime.

My 12 Month Old's Daily Schedule

8:00 am - Wake Up

Just around this time, he wakes up for the day. Sometimes it’s as early as 7:30 am or as late as 8:30 am, but it’s normally closer to 8 am. After he wakes up, the first thing I always do is change his diaper. Then depending on what we have to do for the day, I will get him a new change of clothes, but sometimes I will just wait until after breakfast for that. 

Speaking of breakfast, that is the next thing we do. Normally I’ll give the little dude some yogurt, eggs, or cereal for breakfast. He really loves to eat. After breakfast I clean up our mess, then it’s time to play. Normally we will play until his next nap time (and by play, I actually mean chase him around the house trying to catch him so that he won’t get into everything).

11:00 am - First Nap

His first nap of the day is normally 3 hours after he wakes up and lasts about an hour and a half long. I am actually writing this blog post during this nap. When he wakes up from his nap, it means it is lunch time.He just eats whatever I eat for lunch that day. I usually start cooking lunch while he’s still napping so that I can eat a little before he gets up. I feel like I can never eat when he’s awake. He steals all my food. Then like earlier, we play until his next nap. 

Sometimes during the play time before his second nap, I give him a snack like fruits, biscuits, or some cereal. You can’t go wrong with some Cheerios and bananas.

3:30 pm - Second nap

He usually takes this nap about three hours after the first one ends and normally lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. This I feel like is the most important nap of the day because if he takes this nap too late in the day, he won’t sleep until later. I try not to let him start a nap later than 4 pm for this reason.

After this nap we get a snack if we didn’t have one before the nap then we play until Dad gets home from work. I try to have dinner ready by 7 pm because that is around the time my husband gets home. We eat around that time and then play some more before it is time to start our night routine and get ready for bed. On the weekends, it is still the same for dinner time. We try to stay a little consistent with our schedules, even when we don’t mean to do it.

8:00 pm - Preparing for Bed

At this time, we try to start getting settled for bed. He gets a bath. We brush our teeth. I get him a new diaper and into pajamas. Then we play a little bit before he finally is down for the night. Sometimes I get him into bed sooner than bedtime if he gets worn out from playing or didn’t get good naps earlier in the day.

9:00 pm - Bedtime

I decided 9 pm to be the bedtime and he had a hard time with it the first few days, but he got used to it before the end of the first week of enforcing it. If he isn’t lying in bed by this time, I lay him down with his lovey and binky. Sometimes he still makes a fuss, but it isn’t too long before he finally passes out for the night. 

Then once he’s asleep, it’s time for Mama to relax. 

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My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is not something I would have ever expected to have, but when I was diagnosed three years ago, it was no surprise. I was relieved and terrified at the same time. I finally knew what was wrong with me, but I knew nothing about it.

Nothing can ever prepare you for the highs and the lows that come with bipolar disorder. I was originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2 with psychosis. My first diagnosis was made by a doctor at an inpatient psychiatric center. Eventually that got switched to bipolar disorder type 1, which was diagnosed by a psychiatrist that was seeing me regularly and got to understand my swings a lot better than a doctor that only knew me for 10 days.

I have spent the last three years coming to terms with my bipolar disorder. Understanding that there is nothing I can do, but try my best to manage it, not just for myself, but for family as well. I am currently in therapy and have a psychiatrist who is helping me with med management. And for the first time in my life, I have a sort of routine for my medicines. I normally hate taking my medications, but I can’t help it now. I know I need to get better. I am trying my hardest to keep on schedule.

My Bipolar Symptoms

The following symptoms I will explain are what I experience. Not all people with bipolar disorder experience all of these and there are plenty more symptoms that I don’t deal with.

Manic Episodes

Manic episodes to me can either be extremely enjoyable or extremely irritating, mostly irritating. I don’t experience hypomania as much as I experience full blown mania. I feel like when people think of mania, they think it’s like a crazy-happy type thing. It’s a lot more complex than that. 

Here are the symptoms I experience during my manic episodes:

  • Flight of ideas (I feel like my brain is running at the speed of light.)
  • Extremely fast and loud talking
  • Loss of sleep
  • Overly energized
  • Psychosis & Paranoia (These two coincide for me because usually the paranoia is brought on from the psychosis.)
  • Impulsivity
  • Easily distracted
  • A need to start a bunch of projects at once

I am currently in a manic episode going on day 17. Just during this episode: I have cut my own hair. I applied and enrolled in college. I started meal planning. I have forgotten to eat multiple meals. I had to delete Amazon off my phone because I started filling my cart. I took on 19 new pen pals. I cleaned and rearranged my bedroom four times. And I will probably edit this post a million times after posting it.

Depressive Episodes

Depressive episodes for me don’t normally last as long as manic episodes do. For me, it’s typically between a week or two before they start to fade away.

Here are the symptoms I experience during my depressive episodes:

  • Feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Bingeing
  • Isolation
  • Difficult to pay attention
  • Suicidal ideations
  • Feeling empty
  • Crying spells
I don’t like these episodes as much, but I love the relaxed feeling. When I am manic, I feel like I am always on edge. Dealing with depression is hard. The feeling of worthlessness is what gets me the most. I will feel like I am not good enough for those around me, whether it be my son, my husband, my parents… I just don’t like that feeling at all.

Mixed Episodes

I have been experiencing mixed episodes for years, but I just recently was able to decipher when I was in one. During these episodes, I experience symptoms of both manic and depressive episodes. The main ones being overly energized, impulsivity, hopelessness, suicidal ideations, self hatred, and feeling disconnected/isolated from others. I personally feel like this is the worst episode to be in because looking back on my life, I have done some dangerous things while in the middle of a mixed episode. None of the symptoms I mentioned above go well together and it honestly just calls for trouble.

Wisor Photography: A Review

Wisor Photography is a local photography business based out of DuBois, Pennsylvania owned by Victoria and Andrew Wisor. They are such wonderful and down to Earth people who are super easy to work with. I am so thankful I decided on them for my photographers for my wedding. Their work is stunning and they helped me so much during the wedding planning process. 

Photo by Wisor Photography

Why did we chose them?

To start off, their previous work. I looked around online at tons of different photography businesses in the area and reached out to only a few that really caught my eye. I sat for hours looking through their previous wedding galleries on their SmugMug. They were the only company I kept going back to see their photos. I LOVED their work and just had to reach out.

The second part would be the price. Wisor Photography’s prices are affordable and were within my budget. I knew that the photographers were going to be the biggest part of my budget because the photos will last forever. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to afford a photographer because I didn’t have the biggest budget and seeing other people talking about wedding photographers in their area on Facebook groups, I was terrified. (I remember seeing one woman said she was spending upwards of $4,500 on hers.)

Before the Wedding:

We met once to sign contracts and make a down payment, then once again a couple weeks before the wedding to go over day-of plans. In between, we communicated over Facebook and Email to figure out what was needed.

While going through the contract, they were very clear on what they expected from us and how they run their business. They were super professional about things, but also laid back and comfortable to talk to.

The time in between our meetings Victoria had sent me a few things to fill out and send back to her so that she could help our day go a little more smoothly. Now me being the most disorganized-organized bride ever, I filled out the papers to not send them out. Facepalm, I know. I brought them with me for the meeting a few weeks before the wedding and they were cool with it. (I DO NOT recommend doing that though, because not only is that procrastinating on your end, it ends up making them cram in the planning as well. Sorry, Victoria and Andrew.) 

During that meeting, we discussed our day-of timeline, like when they were going to show up, what time the ceremony was scheduled to start, what time we were doing sunset pictures.. Stuff of that sort. We also discussed things we most wanted photographed and what was most important to us so they wouldn’t leave anything out. For us, it was the sunset photos, which they totally rocked by the way.

The Day of the Wedding:

Oh my goodness, the day of the wedding… Let me just tell you know, if it wasn’t for Victoria taking control and directing people what to do, it would have been a disaster. She helped keep us on schedule. TOTAL LIFESAVER. She stuck to the timeline we came up with and she did not let it pass a minute without warning me of our next planned event of the night.

The best part of it all was that, you couldn’t even tell they were there. They were not intrusive at all. They laid low unless they needed to take charge, like during the formal photos or bridal party photos. Their intern was just as awesome as well.

Photo by Wisor Photography

The Photos:

The photos we have received so far has been absolutely stunning. Words can’t even describe how happy I am to look at them. They bring me back to the best day of my life. I get to relive that day every time I see another picture. Check out a few below!


Wisor Photography is a great choice for your wedding photographer. They are affordable, professional, easy to work with, and ultimately their work is amazing. They are a wonderful couple and I plan on recommending them to everyone asking for a photographer.

Disclaimer: This review is posted from my own honest opinion. 

How I Spent Less Than $6K on my Wedding

In April 2018, my husband and I were picking out our wedding date. I told him I wanted to get married in October and he picked the day of the 19th. Since October 19, 2018 fell on a Friday and was only six months out, we decided on October 19, 2019 to give us more time to plan and whatever we would need. The next month we found out I was pregnant. I pushed a lot of the planning to the last couple months.

When working out the budget, my father offered for pay up to $6,000 and my mother offered to pay for my dress and veil. This is for a guest list of 130 in Central Pennsylvania.

Here’s the breakdown of total costs:

  • Dress & Veil: $653
  • Groom’s Outfit: $100
  • Venue: $1,165
  • Photographer: $1,329
  • Guest Book: $83
  • Invitations: $70
  • Decorations: $800
  • Bridesmaid Stuff: $180
  • Groomsmen Stuff: $110
  • Flower Girls Stuff: $90
  • Food: DIY Buffet + $300
  • DJ: FREE
  • Alcohol: FREE
  • Hair & Makeup: FREE
  • Extra Misc: $300

Total: $5,180

The Food

DIY Buffet + $300

We can’t calculate how much was spent on food because we asked some friends and family members to pitch in and bring a few dishes. I am so glad we did it because there was more than enough food for everyone and it saved us about $1.6k, which is what we would have spent for a catered buffet.

The $300 I listed is an estimate of what we spent on the soda, racks, plates, utensils, and other things along those lines. All of which we bought from Sam’s Club. 

The alcohol was gifted to us from a few family friends. We had so much there that even with it being an open bar, we were left with over ten bottles of liquor at the end of the night. We just got lucky with that part of the cost.

The Dress

Photo by Wisor Photography

My mom had bought my dress for me. We went to David’s Bridal the month after I had my son. I bought this beautiful off the shoulder Galina dress, a matching veil, and a solid juniper belt — all totalling out to $653. When we bought the dress originally, I was a size 8 at only one month postpartum. At about seven months postpartum, I went back in for a fitting and had to exchange it for a size 6. The associates at David’s were very helpful in helping me, one even made me cry some happy tears that I wouldn’t have expected to happen.

The Venue


We got married in a cozy barn called Abundance Hill in Morrisdale, PA. The cost of the venue itself included chair and table rental which totalled out to $900 after the return of the damage deposit. The event insurance was $190. We also paid the groundskeeper $75 for cleanup.

The Photographers


For photography, I knew I wanted to spend a bit of money on. (I mean… the pictures are the things you get to keep forever.) While researching photographers, I met this couple, Andrew and Victoria Wisor. They own Wisor Photography based out of DuBois, Pennsylvania. I instantly fell in love with their work so I reached out to them and I am so glad I did.

Their work with us was so relaxed and easy. I was a very disorganized bride when it came to the day of and they kept us on track. They did an amazing job keeping the flow of things and their photos turned out even better than we had ever expected.

Just to add: This price was based off their 2019 wedding prices. They may change or have already changed their prices. This price can only be used for reference.

Photo by Wisor Photography

The Decorations


This cost includes everything from the flowers to the signs I made. I had to buy twine to wrap around jars we borrowed from family members that we used as centerpieces. I made my own bouquet and the bridemaids’ hoops. Most of the supplies I got for decorations came from Michael’s, Goodwill, Dollar Tree and a local craft store that recently went out of business. When the store was closing they had sales for wedding stuff that was ridiculously helpful for me.

If you have a Cricut or something similar like a Silhouette Cameo, you could make so many decorations for your wedding! Take a look at this sign I made. All it took was some lace from an old curtain, a picture frame from goodwill for $2, and a vinyl decal I created with my Cricut.

Photo by Wisor Photography

All of the flowers were bought at Michael’s because I feel like they look the best in my opinion. That was majority of the price. The bridal hoops and my bouquet cost between $15 – $20 each to make. 

Photo by Wisor Photography

The Guest Book


When I was scrolling through Pinterest while I was in the process of wedding planning, I came across the “polaroid guest book” pictures. My sister and I already had the cameras and I loved the idea, so we threw the money into it.

I bought two packs of 60 film, a blank book from Michael’s, a pack of crafter’s tape, and some washi tape to add some decoration. I decorated the outside of the book with stamps I already had from Michael’s.

Photo by Wisor Photography

The DJ


Our DJ was a friend of ours and my cell phone. He brought his sound equipment. I handed him my phone with all of the music we wanted to listen to and he controlled it. I told him which songs we wanted for our dances, like the First Dance. 

He did a great job and wouldn’t accept any money, so we fed him and offered for him to the open bar. 

Hair & Makeup


My bridesmaids and I did our our hair and makeup. I personally don’t wear makeup so I was sort of scared I was going to look like a clown. I ended up not using a lot and had a very natural look.

While I did my own hair and makeup, my bridemaids helped each other out and did each other’s hair and makeup. It just all worked out.

The Invitations


Our invitations were purchased from Shutterfly using one of their templates. We customized them to how we liked them. I love how they turned out and they were absolutely stunning and very great quality.

Photo by Wisor Photography

The Bridal Party


This total includes their gifts and some parts of heir outfits. For the bridesmaids gifts I gave them, I bought a lotion and hand sanitizer with a holder from Bath & Body Works and put it in a cup that had their names on it that I made myself.

Out of the five girls, I bought four dresses and two pairs of shoes. I let the girls do a “mix and match” thing. I had told them to find something that makes them the most comfortable and that matches our fall theme. Ultimately everyone ended up in burgundy so it worked out perfectly.

If I would recommend any shop for brides on a budget looking for bridesmaid dresses, it would definitely be Ever-Pretty. I ordered my best friend’s dress and it was absolutely beautiful! She’s the one with the long, off the shoulder dress on the left of the photo above.

I went out and bought the flower girls dresses at my local Peebles. I originally was looking for matching dresses, but when I saw these two dresses next to each other, they were just perfect!

My husband and I bought the shirts for the groomsmen then basically told them to find a pair of light brown pants and brown shoes to wear. They managed to get everything they needed with minimal problems and were probably the easiest to work with.

Extras & Misc.


This total includes things like our rings, marriage license, a wedding planning book, and some other odds and ends that I don’t feel need to be categorized with anything else.

And yes, you heard that right. Our rings are listed under this. I believe that meaning in things are worth so much more than a price tag. We bought our wedding bands on a sale and are worth so much more to me than any amount of gold. 

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Motherhood Isolation

Ever feel like you are never alone, but always lonely? Well you’re not alone. Motherhood isolation and the loneliness that comes with it is very real and shouldn’t be pushed to the side.

It’s time to talk about it.

When I was pregnant with my son, I felt surrounded by so many friends and family. People would contact me asking how I was feeling and if I was excited that soon I’d be a mother. They would remind me to cherish my sleep because I wouldn’t be getting much once he was here. I was told a bunch of advice, but nobody ever told me how lonely motherhood can get.

Nobody told me that there would be days I would scroll endlessly on Facebook wishing I could reach out to every person I have on my friends list, but feeling too overwhelmed with anxiety to put myself out there. It got to the point where I stopped reacting to or commenting on other mom’s posts. Whatever you do, don’t do that. Engage yourself in conversation if you can.

Nobody told me about the “we should hang out soon” texts that lead nowhere. I would send or receive messages like that, but then plans are never made. It’s very rare that I make plans that I am able to follow through. I don’t know why something always seems to come up.

Nobody told me that I might go days without having someone check in on me and how I was doing (besides my husband or parents.) I never really understood this. When I was pregnant, I felt like a road side attraction. Everyone was so eager to ask how the baby was doing and how pregnancy was treating me, but as soon as my baby was introduced to the world and our friends and family, I felt like everything about me became invisible.

Now definitely don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mind being alone sometimes. I even feel like I have become a homebody since becoming a mother. I just feel like I really need a friend sometimes and it’s crucial to have someone that you can message about those scary diaper stories or the newest milestone your baby hit.

Ways to Fight the Loneliness

Photo by Tess Emily Seymour from Pexels

Join a club, an organization, or an online community.

There are plenty of different ways for you to reach out into the community. Mine just so happened to be MOPS. Even if you don’t have WIC, go to your local office and ask them if they know of any events happening in your area. Your pediatrician might have a few recommendations as well. Another place to ask is Facebook. If you can, find a local mom group on Facebook and ask the other moms in there. You might even be able to make a friend or two.

Reach out to family and friends.

You may feel like nobody is there for you. (Trust me, I get it and that is what makes this the hardest step for me personally.) Your family and friends will be there for you if you tell them what you’re really feeling. Don’t hide from them, they only want you to be happy. Don’t wait for them to notice and reach out to you, they might not realize what you’re going through without you reaching out to them first. Some of them might just be going through the same thing.

Reach out for help.

If you are struggling trying to stay in control of things or feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, stop for a second. Take a minute to look at how it is affecting you mentally. Why else would you be feeling this way? Ask for help. You might be a super mom, but you don’t need to be a superhero. A part of the reason I think I had issues with feeling like I was alone was I never asked for help, but the people who said they would be there for me would never offer either. If you need help and no one is offering it, you’ll need to reach out and ask for it. 

Keep a journal.

Write how you are feeling. Keep a journal or something to release yourself into. I started keeping a bullet journal to help myself stay more organized and in it I have a “one line a day” where I write down something every day. Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes it is about something that happened that day. That would be something nice to get your creativeness flowing and keep yourself from drowning in your thoughts and loneliness.

Stay off of social media.

Seeing others post and comparing yourself to them will only make your situation worse. Don’t let yourself wander down those endless feeds looking at smiling faces wishing that was you. It will not make you feel any better.

Think of all the good in things.

It might be a little hard to not feel like your life is just falling apart when you’re dealing with loneliness. Look at this time as a way to connect with yourself. Get to know yourself better. Look at that little human you made and your significant other and think of all the happiness they bring you. 

Find a Mama BFF

My biggest piece of advice is to find yourself a mama friend. Go online and meet your due date buddy. I was lucky to have met my best mama friend in person already, even though we barely knew each other before we were pregnant. Download Peanut. Join BabyCenter. Find yourself a friend you can survive motherhood with that isn’t your husband or your own mom.

Best Shows on Netflix for Moms

As a new mom, I spent a lot of time awake the first couple weeks. Late night feedings. Very dirty diaper changes. Constant yawns. There was one thing that helped me through the sleepless nights: Netflix. 

Seriously. If it wasn’t for Netflix, I feel like I would be pulling all my hair out going crazy. I was awake for what felt like 25 hours every day.

I came up with a small list of shows on Netflix that I believe any new mom, or anyone in general, might appreciate!


1. The Letdown

This show is quite relatable to me. In the show, it depicts a new mother trying to get through all of motherhood’s challenges while showing the harsh reality of how most of us don’t have our stuff together. There are two seasons with very few episodes on Netflix right now and I haven’t been able to find information on season three, but we can hope.

CBC Television

2. Workin’ Moms

This show sort of has a bunch of everything. Reaches some touchy subjects. Can get you to laugh and cry within a matter of minutes. It’s a really good show when you need a story line to follow. It is definitely one of my personal favorites. To date, it has three seasons on Netflix with 13 episodes each.


3. Call the Midwife

This is a series that follows a young woman in her journey of being a midwife in the 1950s. This BBC drama is on Netflix with eight series totaling up to 69 episodes.


4. The Fosters

The Fosters is a show that is a bunch of everything. The writers definitely didn’t leave out a lot when creating this show with topics like: LGBQT, the foster system, immigration, troubles with raising teenagers… There are plenty of things included in this show. I personally couldn’t help binge watching it after stumbling across the first episode and falling in love with the characters and story line. Definitely had me ugly crying. The Fosters has five seasons with about 21 episodes in each. 


5. Santa Clarita Diet

If you like zombies, Drew Barrymore, and dark comedy, I have got a show for you. You’ll just have to take it from me, it’s a hilarious take on a zombie show. Currently there are three seasons with 10 episodes in each. Although Netflix has announced that there will be no renewal for a fourth season, sooo bummer.

Bonus Watch: Ali Wong Netflix Specials

Along with those shows, I can’t help but include Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife. These are both part of Netflix’s Stand-Up Comedy section. Ali Wong is so real and honest about motherhood and pregnancy, it’s hilarious. 

Check out this video Netflix Is A Joke posted on Youtube:


Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine (+ tips to stick to it!)

I am NOT a morning person.

I have never been a morning person. NEVER. If I could ignore the world past noon everyday, I would. Can’t do that when you have a little human to take care of. Starting a morning routine has helped me come to love mornings a lot more than I used to. Especially since it is one of the only times I have to myself between the time my husband goes to work and my son wakes up.

Here’s what my morning looks like:

  • Wake up.
  • Go to the bathroom & brush teeth.
  • Start coffee & grab a snack.
  • Bullet journal.
  • Tidy any messes from the day before.
  • Relax until it’s mommin’ time (which isn’t very long).

Now not every morning looks exactly like that. Sometimes I switch some of those around. Sometimes I skip one. I am not a person that is really good with habits, but I try and that’s the best that I can do. I have a couple tips that help me stick to the routine.


My Tips to a Productive Morning Routine:

1. Be flexible!

I don’t have a specific time I wake up, but it’s usually sometime between 7am – 8am. From my experience, when I tried to make a routine with set times (like I’ll wake up at 7:30am, make the bed at 7:45am…) I would never follow it. Although it’s always better to get your body in the rhythm of at least waking up around the same time everyday.

2. Keep it simple.

Don’t mess with every tiny detail. It’s a lot easier to stick to a routine that is simple. When making yours, try sticking to 5-6 main tasks. You can add the extras whenever.

3. Listen to music.

Make a playlist or turn on the radio. Music always helps me get through the morning. Make sure it’s music that will make you feel productive. Sad songs just won’t do it for me.

4. Plan your day!

Every morning, I bullet journal. I check for all the appointments, tasks, and meals that I have for the day ahead of me. If you have nothing planned for the day, make a list of things you need to get done.

5. Eat Breakfast.

While tracking my habits and moods, I have noticed I am more likely to have a better day when I eat breakfast. Not everyday will I cook eggs, bacon, and toast. I don’t have the motivation to do that every single day. Do I count an apple as breakfast? Absolutely. I also try to stay hydrated. I will grab a bottle of water and drink it as I make my morning coffee. 

6. Declutter.

A clean space is a clean mind. If you declutter a space in your home (which for me is usually my nightstand), it might just make you feel like you’ve got your stuff together. Or at least for me it does.


To My Pregnant Best Friend

To my beautiful friend,

Pregnancy suits you so well. You’re absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe that you’re going to have a baby soon. It’s going to be the best thing to ever happen to you. You are going to be an amazing mom. Trust me, I know. You are probably super worried about what type of mom you’re going to be and that you’re not sure you’ll be a good mom.

You’ve got this, mama!

I’m so excited for you. Soon you’re going to be smothering yourself in baby snuggles and kisses! You’re going to be amazed by what your body managed to pull off. Admire your postpartum body. All your stretch marks. Your squishy tummy. You made a freaking human for goodness sake!

When your baby comes, I will be here. If you need any advice, ask me. It might not be useful, but you don’t have to take it. Message me during all of those late night nursing sessions. Spam me with pictures of all the funny poop faces he makes. I am here for you through it all. If I can help you with anything, I will. Everyone has their own parenting style. I find myself asking questions and getting so many different responses. When you ask a question, take the answer you feel is the right way for you.

If motherhood had taught me anything, it is that nothing else matters more than your child. That first ride home is going to be the scariest ride of your life. The first night he keeps you up all night will make you more tired than you’ve ever been before. At the end of the day though, it’s going to be all worth it. Your baby is going to be so lucky and so loved. Enjoy every moment. I’ll be cheering you on from afar.

Before your pregnancy is over, take it all in. Show off that bump with every chance you get. Soak in every ounce of sleep. If you can get any.  I couldn’t sleep at all in my last month of pregnancy, but seriously nothing compares to the sleep you lose when he’s here. The kicks are what I miss the most. I hated being jabbed in the ribs, but the weirdest feeling was being able to push his feet down out from underneath them. I hope you are admiring every second of your pregnancy through every part of the kicks, morning sickness, and acid reflux.

I know you’re ready to meet your little one. I am, too.

I still cannot believe that we are moms. Like how is that possible?? I’m looking forward to seeing you blossom as a mother. You’re going to be bringing a tiny human into this world soon and I have never been happier for you. I have a million things I have wanted to tell you about motherhood, but it’s definitely not the same thing as experiencing it firsthand. You deserve this. I am so proud of you.


xo, your best mom friend