Going Back to School as a Stay at Home Mom

I recently registered for classes through SNHU online to start my college experience. I will be going for my Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in mental health. I never thought I would be going to college, but I feel like I finally found my calling.

Going back to school as a stay at home mom is not something I was planning. I didn’t think that college was a thing I would even be able to commit to. Now here I am. I am going into school as a freshman, a mom of a one year old, and a newlywed. I am definitely committed to pursuing my degree. At this point, I am absolutely ready to get to where I need to go.

A big part of me does wish I would have started school back in 2016 after I graduated. Maybe I would have had my Bachelors already and I would have been on the road to my Masters by now. I wouldn’t change anything about my choices though. Every choice I have ever made has brought me to where I am at today. If I would have started college back in 2016, I don’t think I would have had my son.

Being a mother has always been my biggest dream and now that I am a mom, I think its time for me to start my next journey. I decided to go back to school to support my family. Neither of my parents graduated college. My mother didn’t even graduate high school. I want to create a new path for my family.

Now I am going to be taking online classes at home while I am raising my son and my husband works. I almost can’t believe it.

Why did I chose my degree?

I chose the psychology degree because psychology really interests me. I think I am going to take this degree and further it to become something related to helping others with their problems. I would love to one day be a mental health counselor.

My concentration is in mental health. I struggle with bipolar disorder and anxiety, so I feel that pursuing a degree I am most passionate about and the most related to me would be an amazing start to figuring out where I would like to go in life. 

I have always been fascinated by mental health and psychology. I am setting goals for myself now because I have never seen my future self being successful before this moment. As long as I am pushing myself towards completing school, I am successful. 


I had a few options when choosing the right school for me. Purdue Global and SNHU were my first two choices out of the few schools I was looking into. The reason I chose SNHU over Purdue Global was ultimately the cost. Little things like the interaction with other students and the consistency of the schools were other things that did weigh is, but didn’t matter as much as the cost.  

I don’t start for a little over two weeks and this school has already been amazing to me. I have joined Facebook groups for online students at SNHU. I have made a few friends through SNHUconnect. My advisor has been extremely helpful and I am just 100% ready to start my classes already.

Thinking about going back to school as a stay at home mom?

Here are a few things to think about:

Do you have the time?

I know as well as the next mom, being a stay at home mom is a full time job with overtime and not enough pay. Although it is definitely priceless. Before going back to school, think if you’d have the time to do school. I don’t think I could have started school when my son was a month old, but now that he is 13 months, I am feeling a lot more comfortable with our schedule. 

Do you have the resources?

These resources I am talking about range from financial resources to physical requirements to start. For myself, I will be receiving financial aid. I am receiving the Pell Grant and some subsidized loans. I need to have a laptop or tablet to get my schoolwork done. I am currently using my HP Pavilion and I plan to use it for school as well. I have my Galaxy Tab as a back up too.

Do you have the support?

Starting school is a big step for not only you, but those around you as well. There may be some days you will need to ask others for help with the kids. Some days you may need someone to vent to, especially if you are going for your degree online like I am. I have done online school in high school and it became awfully lonely. Have a support system through your journey.

Are you ready for the commitment?

Like having a baby, college is a big commitment. It’s not easy for everyone, nor is it cheap. You must commit to it and push yourself to getting it done. Online college will take a lot of self motivation. You’re going to have a little more leniency than what you remember from high school, so it might be a little easier for you to slack off and get lazy about it.

Good Luck!