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my Life with Bipolar DIsorder

My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is not something I would have ever expected to have, but when I was diagnosed three years ago, it was no surprise. I was relieved and terrified at…
to my pregnant bestfriend

To My Pregnant Best Friend

To my beautiful friend, Pregnancy suits you so well. You’re absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe that you’re going to have a baby soon. It’s going to be the best thing…
Wisor Photography

Wisor Photography: A Review

Wisor Photography is a local photography business based out of DuBois, Pennsylvania owned by Victoria and Andrew Wisor. They are such wonderful and down to Earth people who are super…
Dealing with Motherhood Isolation

Motherhood Isolation

Ever feel like you are never alone, but always lonely? Well you’re not alone. Motherhood isolation and the loneliness that comes with it is very real and shouldn’t be pushed…
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